Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just this morning,i was awaken by a call from my friend from the states.I was so surprised why she call me so very early where indeed she doesn't call me by phone.Our communication everyday is through internet and why such an early morning she'd call me. Something might happened to her, or either one of her family here in the Philippines.When i answered her she was laughing and giggling because she know already i am knee shaking..What a nice greeting.Anyhow,she just called me she was sending some package for me,for my hubby and for our little boy.After the knee shaking,a very nice surprise just pop out. I was so eager what she sent to us especially mine.She just simply said,your ever love perfume CLINIQUE HAPPy is on the way,precisely 3 pcs of 100ml.I really super love the clinique happy.The red and orange.I love collecting perfumes and this one is i think will be my forever be in my list.She told me there's still more for me but i'll just have to wait for the package...tik...tak..tik...tak... Thank you girl...
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