Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'M A CERTIFIED SHOE AND FLIP FLOP ADDICT PER SE'..I remember when i was still in school would care not to munch snacks and lunch to save money because there's a pair of sneakers waving and telling me to buy him right away hahhahaha (as if begging me"pls buy me or im gonna die )hahahha,
When i got married and have a baby,my life changed 360"..I'd be more happy and satisfied if i bought something for our little piglet.Little things from cute tops,pants or even new designed disposable diaper's hehehe,..Guess really its true "when you become a mom,everything will changed..My husband noticed i dont buy things for myself anymore,i dont shop shoes bags make-up's or tsinelas.He asked me one time why?and i just said,"just so,i still have many things that are good anyway, then one night we were talking and he said"hon i saw a pair of shoes and i super like it.So i thought its for him,So came weekend,we went to the mall and went inside the store,he asked the lady to get the pair he reserved and when it was handed to him,he open the box and there i saw,the yellow crocs for me..hahaha isn' he lovely..?i was so happy and so kilig..He really surprises me and i super love it ..=)

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